Stop cancer by lowering your cancer risk 

lower cancer risk

How to Lower Cancer Risk

iCRM (intelligent Cancer Risk Monitor) helps you lower and control your cancer risk in just three steps.


know your enemy


Know Yourself


Precision intervention

iCRM is a cancer interception tool designed on the strategies of “The Art of War” and backed by 13 unique cancer risk predictive algorithms with AI simulation techniques to help you and your loved ones lower cancer risk to stop cancer from forming.

Know Your Enemy

Cancer is a disease process in which healthy cells stop functioning and maturing properly. Cancer starts when aberrant cells divide in an uncontrolled way.

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Cancer Cells Info

Cancer Causes

Worldwide research has shown that environmental factors contribute to 90-95% of all cases of cancer. Only 5-10% of cancer cases, depending on the cancer type, are due to an inherited gene.

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Causes of Cancer Chart

A weakened immune system leads to cancer

  • Cancer is a consequence of the immune system being unable to prevent tumor progression.
  • Everyone develops pre-cancerous cells during his or her lifetime. However, a person with a weakened immune system is unable to eliminate the cancerous cells from the system before the cells begin into a tumor and causes damage to the body.


Cancer and Immune System

Know Yourself

Your current cancer risk level

Scientists who have worked for Apple, IBM and cancer research labs spent years developing our proprietary cancer risk predictive algorithms using AI and big-data technologies. Now we can put all the pieces of the puzzle together to help you truly understand your cancer risk level. The algorithms have a prediction accuracy of over 95% and have been used by over 150,000 customers.

Your high-risk factors

Our scientists and doctors have studied more than 1 million normal people and over 130,000 cancer patients to make billions of calculations in developing cancer risk predictive algorithms. These algorithms will catch the high risk factors that can be intervened to lower your cancer risk.

Precision Intervention

With the help of iCRM, you can fully understand your current risk level and the high risk factors that drive your cancer risk. Now you can intervene the high risk factors with precision and lower your cancer risk.  

  1. Change your lifestyle: quit smoking, reduce alcohol drinking, eat a healthy diet, exercise more, etc.
  2. Improve on abnormal blood and urine test results that can increase your cancer risk.


iCRM is the First Personalized Cancer Prevention Tool

One of Our Thousands of Customers Who Has Lowered Cancer Risk

In less than 10 months, one customer lowered his cancer risk by 31% by

  1. treating abnormal blood test results to improve his immune system
  2. changing his lifestyle to quit alcohol drinking

Before Intervention

After Intervention

One of Dozens of Customers Who Did NOT Intervene & Has Been Diagnosed with Cancer

This particular customer did not change her lifestyle and intervene on her abnormal blood test results.

Know your enemy, know yourself. A thousand battles, a thousand victories. ~ Sun Tzu